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Jennifer Dadigan-Williams

Co-owner at MOC Fitness

Jennifer has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years; during that time, she has gained several specialty certifications, was a massage practitioner for 10 years, attained her Bachelor’s degree in human development, and became a co-owner and coach at Making of Champions Crossfit, alongside her husband Dre. Together they created an incredible community of people all dedicated to a life of fitness and wellness.

Jennifer believes in dedicating herself to a life of further education and consistently expanding her mind, body, and spirit by learning new ways of tending to each and surrounding herself with people and experiences that enrich and encourage growth and wellness.

Currently she is expanding her knowledge by attending a Life Coaching Program with a focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and will be offering Life Coaching services to her clients in the near future.

Jennifer is also a strong believer in the following:

  • That “Fitness” is a mind, body, and spirit job. One should strive to be healthy from the inside out and the outside in.
  • Keep everything in moderation because in many cases, stress will break down health faster than the thing you are trying to avoid.
  • It is important to get comfy with being imperfectly perfect and that ‘fresh starts’ are a reasonable, humanly attainable approach to a lifelong journey of fitness (Jennifer has had great success with an “on again/off again approach” since she was 19 years old).
  • By not allowing ourselves to get stuck in self-sabotage or self-shaming, by committing to never stopping completely, by remembering that we have the power to come back regardless of how far off track we may get, and by remembering to hold strong to the idea that it’s how we return that truly counts, we will have long-term success in all aspects of our fitness: mind, body & spirit.

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They're Always Watching!

I love the quote “when you feel like giving up, remember who’s watching.” This quote got me thinking about how much our kiddos are watching and listening to our every move. As frightening as it may sound to some (the thought of being a mom and knowing that what I do is under a microscope at all moments of every day), it is actually one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Motivation Smotivation

Through making healthy changes in what you are putting in your body, starting or switching up your fitness routine, learning how to positively shift your mindset and through minimizing your exposure to stress, you can literally reinvent yourself at a cellular level! ‍

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Jennifer Dadigan-Williams

Jennifer has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is the Co-owner at MOC Fitness